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Reciprocal Link Exchange

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Reciprocal Link Exchange – Gateway to Wealth

Increase Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Your success comes only by how your name and your website are famous on the internet thats the Page-Rank and Traffic. This is the goal of every internet marketer, even if they are not aware of it.

bigbox tick Reciprocal Link Exchange Website in PHP MySQL
tick Easy to Install, requires one MySQL database
tick Excellent Admin Control Panel
tick Verify the Links, Set Cron jobs
tick Can even be set to automatic mode working while your sleep
tick Full open source codes for you to make changes
tick html templates for ease of editing and designing
tick Add your google adsense or banner codes easily



Why Is Reciprocal Linking Important?
The popularity of your site is an important factor the search engines consider when listing relevant sites when someone searches in their engine. Search engines will crawl through a website, and store pertinent info about that site, including these links to other websites.

The more number of websites the search engine finds with your URL in the link, the higher your site ranking is rated thats page-rank. This is not at all easily attainable for anyone, and for some nearly unattainable. Until now. With Link Exchange Software, you can offer 100% reciprocal linking with others, and be assured it is viable and easy for you to maintain!.


What is Reciprocal Link Exhange ? 

Reciprocal link exchange is a mutual contract between one site owner and the other, where owner 1 displays owner 2’s site URL on his website, in exchange owner 2 will display owner 1’s site on his.

The problem is, these links often are not kept in place by the owner. They may take it off purposely or during editing or redesigning of their website. You never know when your link is taken down unless you manually visit the site it is supposed to be displayed at and check. This can take hours if you have many such links.

The Solution to this Link Exchange Cheat 
This amazing new technology has just been created, one that takes the hours to verify you are getting a true reciprocal link, and automates this chore seamlessly and accurately. Link Exchange Script is a simple, easy to use website software you can install on your site in minutes, that will ensure your link is indeed on these other sites.

NO more need of
– Hours verification to check these sites that are supposed to have your link displayed.

Instantly verify your links, and see accurate detailed info. This software can even be set to automatic mode working while your sleep. You gain assurance and confidence you have a growing linkage in place, with a simple login to your admin control panel to manage your website.

The best part of all, it is priced fairly. You will not struggle to come up with the funds to purchase Automatic Link Exchange Script. You also have Master resell rights when you buy it, making you money back on each sale.

Link Exchange Software is VERY easy to install.  You need ONE mysqyl database, and it installs in just a few minutes with easy to follow instructions.  The script is written in PHP and will work on almost all UNIX or Linux Servers.

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