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Popup Zapper

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If you surf the Internet at all (and you must if you’re reading this!) I’m sure you have been annoyed by an almost constant barrage of popup windows…

End these annoying popups for good with Popup Zapper!  This little program watches your web browser to prevent any of those annoying Pop-Up Ads from popping up!

(Works with Internet Explorer 5 and 6).


Popup Zapper Features…
arrows_oy_013 Runs hidden in the background & can Start with Windows.
arrows_oy_013 Easyly Customize a list of pages to allow or block.
arrows_oy_013 Choose and optional beep to notify you of when an ad is blocked.
arrows_oy_013 If you want to allow popups from any site simply hold down the Ctrl key to have a popup window added to the Allowed Windows list.
arrows_oy_013 Now Popup Zapper Comes Complete with Master Resell Rights which means not only can you stop those annoying popups foreve, but you can resell this program and keep All the profits… Turnkey website included!




Only $4.95!




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