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56 Money Saving Tips free ebook


Money Saving Tips 1. Don’t be overcharged at the cash register. With everything being computerized nowadays, it’s not uncommon for products to scan at the regular price when they’ve been advertised as a sale item. Avoid paying more than you have to by watching the price for each item that comes up when it’s scanned. If a sale item is missed be sure to point it out. Once you start watching you’re likely to see that this happens much more frequently then you ever realized! Some supermarkets actually have a policy that if you are charged the wrong price that you’ll get the first item free and the others will be price adjusted accordingly. Check with your supermarket to see what their policies are. 

Money Saving Tips 2. Shop around for a better insurance deal. It can seem like a waste of time to spend a few hours on the phone comparing insurance policies, but it can mean a big savings in the long run. Ask for ways to reduce your premiums by eliminating services you don’t need or increasing your deductible. Finding an insurance provider that will give you a discount for having multiple policies with them is also a great way to reduce your monthly expenses. 

Money Saving Tips 3. Look online for great deals. Smart shoppers are using the Internet to get great deals on items they purchase regularly. Look for deals on gifts, books, household items, pet supplies and even clothing. You may be surprised at some of the deals you can find. And with the trend towards lower shipping fees you’ll find that you save quite a bit even if you have to pay a little for the delivery. 

Money Saving Tips 4. Purchase gifts online and save on shipping. Need to send a gift to someone out of town? Instead of purchasing something at a local store and then paying to ship it, buy it online and have it shipped directly to the recipient. Nowadays more stores are even offering free shipping, wrapping and gift cards so you’ll save even more! And an added bonus is that you won’t have the headache of taking it to the post office and mailing it. 




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