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4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss


Real-Life Health and Fitness for Real People

Secrets from a Fitness Industry Insider

“Progress is impossible without change”
George Bernard Shaw


I can’t believe I’rn actually writing “the” book that is going to help you achieve the level of health and fitness that you have always drearned of. Me. Little, scrawny, sickly Darlene that was always last picked in gyrn class and couldn’t run a block to save her life. There’s power in a good story so here is rnine:

I spent rnost of rny childhood and young adult years struggling with rny health. I battled severe allergies, asthrna, spastic colon and irritable bowel syndrorne (IBS) and low self-esteern for as long as I could rernernber. I grew up sickly, weak and defeated. I was told not to over-exert rnyself, take rny rnedicines regularly and rnake the best of it. I wasn’t encouraged to play outside for fear of rny allergies and asthrna “getting stirred up” and needless to say sports were out of the question. One year I atternpted to play softball – but it’s hard to want to try at sornething where you get rnade fun of regularly… so I rarely played. During rny college years I was in and out of the ernergency roorn with “turnrny” cornplications due to rny spastic colon, lBS and poor diet. I continued to battle with rny health until rny rnid 20’s. One day I got SICK AND TIRED of being SICK AND TIRED. I had to take control and take back my life.

I studied food and how it affected rny body. I began to rnake healthier choices and was blown over by the way I started to feel. I had energy, felt great and best of all rny lBS and “turnrny problerns” just disappeared! I felt so good that I started to exercise. Me, Exercise! WOW! It wasn’t easy and I had to crawl before I could walk BUT I DID IT! The girl who couldn’t even run in gyrn class or do a single push up was jogging daily and lifting weights. I couldn’t believe how rny body was transforrning before rny eyes. I went frorn being the scrawny, sickly girl to a fit, new and irnproved version of rne. The thing that arnazed rne the rnost was that rny allergies even irnproved, anyone suffers frorn thern knows how big of a staternent that is! I took control of rny health which eventually helped rne focus rnore on rny rnarriage (nearly 15 years and stronger than ever), dive deeper in rny faith, gain self confidence and reach a level happiness in life I never thought possible.




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